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AIA Post Mortem


Hello, I’m Juan Boyd and the purpose of this postmortem is to analyze the process I went through to complete the projects this month. I will explain which steps took the most time to complete and ways to improve on time for future projects. Also I will cover the most important steps to keep in mind for future work that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are certain things you should double check before completing your work and I will go over them during this postmortem and hopeful it will give me more of a guideline when working on my next assignment.

UE4 Platformer

The UE4 Plat former project was great to work on. In terms of aesthetics I tried creating a comic book themed intro because the pictures had actions at a stand still like a comic book. While creating the sounds for the robot I tried designing sounds that coincide with the heavy weight of the robot. The music I chose to use was up-tempo beats because the character moved continuously at a fast speed. The beats consist of drums including 808 sounds along with synth sounds that gave the game a since of emotion. The sound design portion allowed me to get creative because of the free spirit fun feeling of the game. The implementation process was pretty simple in unreal I achieved most all of the goals for the game by implementing all the sounds I created. One thing I had to go back and work on was the timing of the animation because some sounds I created we’re either longer or shorter then necessary to match the animation. I took a specific amount of time to work on the mix balance and got every thing to an appropriate level so all the sounds sit well with each other and the music was balanced as well. The schedule expectations was realistic for achieving the goals for the assignment thanks to the lab homework that kept me on track and the dedicated lab time to implement the sounds that I created from the home work in specific labs. The schedule for implementing the sounds was already made for me this month the only thing I had to make sure I saved time for was quality and mixing. I probably would have been able to put more quality into my ideas for sound design if I had more time but I’m happy with the results I got with the time I had to work on it. One thing that went wrong I wasn’t able to get the music to slow down during the slow motion portions of the game other then that everything pretty much went as planned. I did have some difficulties dealing with the timing as I mentioned I had to cut sounds shorter or figure out a way to make them longer in order to make the fit the animation, which took time out to go back and import those sounds again. My favorite thing about the sound design would be my choice of music. I also was proud of my choice of sound for the lift because it fit in perfectly.  I think the overall aesthetic of sounds that would fit comic book/cartoon was the right decision and I was able to get a good start to creating a sound design for a video game. It would be necessary to really build on my ideas because there needed to be more to the sound design then just the initial idea. That would take more experience in the field to know how to finish the idea and get the final result you want when doing sound designing for videos games.

Wise Limbo Project

For the wise project I was able to successfully import audio files and they worked in the game. I attempted to create a realistic aesthetic for sound design with a touch of comedy. The footsteps we’re probably the most important sounds to make and I tried to find light steps to place for the small child instead of heavier sounds. The menu sounds and ambience we’re intended to be like an outer space sound like completely unnatural. I tried not to over do the slide sound and keep it small and basic. The death sounds is where I added a touch of comedy taking it over the top with yells that would surprise a game player. We we’re able to get all the sounds in the game and meet all the goals of the game. The implementation of the footsteps was surprisingly easy due to the random switch containers that played the different footsteps based on the material. The stop actions helped us get the event timing correct with things like the cart and the ambience that we didn’t want to continuously loop. Our mix balance was pretty good we turned down ambience and other sounds so the mix fit well together we could have turned down a few footsteps so they all match and it doesn’t sound like the boy got any heavier during game play. The schedule made to complete the project was realistic and appropriate considering due date. We we’re able to get everything done with time to get back and tweak certain things that bothered us about the game. One of our goals was to have enough time to go back and mix which we we’re able to do even though we overlooked the footstep sounds during that time. The time we did take to mix brought the project along was from when we first implemented the sounds and the ambiences was louder then everything else and made it hard to hear the more subtle sounds that brought life to the game. We had some issues finding the right events for the sound we we’re looking for sometime the filter would help us out with that and in the end we still we’re able to find a even that worked. I noticed that teamwork makes things work faster especially when members are able to cooperate and work together well. We also had problems with certain ambiences and sounds triggering more then once when we did not expect them to which was sort of a headache but eventually we fixed all of those mistakes for the most part. Another issues was the looping of ambiences we had to take more time then was probably necessary to figure out which ambiences we wanted to loop or decided if we didn’t want them to loop. The things that really went well was the footsteps implementation and the fact we we’re able to complete the whole project. The overall quality of the sounds we decided to use was pretty good. The best sound that was in the game was probably the drowning sound in the water which was really cool and stood out to most that heard it. The water sounds and the ambience we’re recorded from a bathtub and gave it a cool aesthetic of sound design for that area of the game. The unique part about working in a group was seeing how you and your group members think a like and how your thoughts sometime are different. I think every member of the group added a very unique touch to the sound design of the game. During the implementation and throughout working on the project everyone had a moment where they stepped up and lead the group or helped in a big way. The great thing about working in a group is the great idea that you never would have implied to your project if you we’re working all by yourself. There was more ups then downs when collaborating the only down part is since we created our sounds on different time there was a slight difference in the aesthetic point but everything still was able to come together smoothly. I would rather work in a group on this type of project then do it all by myself.

Independent research post

The project I decided to write my post about it Tupac Shakur’s – All Eyes On Me album. Many artist have given Tupac credit for influencing the career as an artist. Artist like Lil Wayne, and Kendrick Lamar have put out music they said was inspired by Tupac. One thing about Tupac’s album that inspires other artist is the content of the lyrics. In his lyrics he wrote about his opinion on the criminal justice system and his political thoughts. Another characteristic of his music is the passion of the performance he gives every song. After listening to this album I am left with the impression that the songs we’re not just made for me to bob my head to. Tupac’s album was meant to open my mind to the way he saw the world. A person may not agree with everything he says but its just his platform to express himself and many people feel a connection with his music. One thing about this album that people we’re excited about was the twenty six song play list. That is one thing I learned from the research of this album. I think people over look the impact of a double album. It gives fans more of what they want. It also gives you the more options for organizing your track list. Maybe a artist could make the first disk of a double album one style of music, and give the other disk songs with a different style then the first disk. Double albums are not commonly produced probably because of the cost of production but if you have access to record as much as you want this is a brilliant idea. It is also brilliant for marketing because you are probably releasing more music then artist selling singles and single albums.

Kraftwerk Entry

Kraftwerk’s robotic, repetitive; all electronic music influenced every synthesizer band that came after. The German group invented the new sound and image of the synthesizer. Kraftwerk started experiencing with putting mechanized sounds from a normal day into music. Their first U.S. release, Autobahn, was successful immediately and reached the top 5 on the charts. The group had a cold conceptualist image that showed in there disco hits. Artist David Bowie cited Ralf and Florian, two members of Kraftwerk as an influence for his albums Low and Heroes. He actually made a tribute to them on one of his albums. It is obvious Kraftwerk had the greatest impact on electronic music and still influences music today with the style they had. On the album Kraftwerk 2, they recorded without a live drummer using a drum maching instead, which created a robotic feeling to their music, a style that many artists would later catch on to. The thought of strictly using synthesizers and drum machines to make music was very strange to the music world at that time. I think it was great risk attempting to bring upon this new sound to the world of music. I’m sure there were plenty of people who didn’t think the use of synthesizers was a very good idea until they seen how successful artist who those type of sounds were. Now all you hear is music with crazy sounding synths and it seems like something is missing in certain genres of music if there is not any synthesized sounds or instrument with cool effects on them. The use of drum machines was very innovational as well because it made production more simple and easy for inspiring producers today who don’t have to play drums at all or any other instrument to get there musical ideas across to the world.

Peer Comment to Aaron Brooks

I really liked your post. I thought did good and made a very accurate post. It really made me think more about the information you shared. It was very easy to read. I thought you had a good choice of words and gave great detail in your post. I can tell you took your time researching your topic and put a lot of though in this post. One thing I think you can work on is not repeating yourself unintentionally, like instead of saying something is new and original just call it original. Other then that great job.


Electronic Music Innovation post

Gary Numan is a very influential pop artist. He is considered one of the founding fathers of synth pop. He helped usher in the synth pop era across the globe. He is known for his dark paranoid vision and his new wave persona, pair those characteristics with a robotic sound that many artist have mimicked and that is what Gary Numan stands for in the industry. Gary Numan has influenced Bands like Hole, The Foo Fighters, and Smashing Pumpkinds, who cover Numan songs in concert. Nine Inch Nails cited Numan as an important influence and recognition like this is why Numan is such an innovator. The heavy usage of synthesizers in his music is still impacting music today. When Numan released his best work in the 2000’s it made him even more relevant today, because now he has fans from different generations listening and being inspired by his music. Gary Numan used the synthesizer by Minimoog to create a new style he converted all guitar based punk songs into electro-punk numbers. His song “Friends” featured futuristic synth sounds that we’re very different. He still included some bass and drums so people were able to recognize a familiar sound to connect with. I think Gary Numan has influenced me and artist like him have influenced me because today synthesizers are seen as a must use instrument in some genres, and now they are available in new and easier ways for people like me to use. Listening to his music I notice that I apply some of the same techniques in my production because I love to use space-sounding synthesizers but I still include familiar instruments like bass, drums, and strings strictly so it can fit into the hip-hop genre. So I was being influenced by Gary Numans work without even realizing it.

Grammy Genres

The genre I chose to write my post about is Gospel. Gospel artist and producers create an individual style that is powerful enough to warrant a new classification at the Grammy awards by the content in there lyrics. Lyrics are usually focused on religious beliefs and sometime a personal relationship with God. I believe lyric content alone makes Gospel stand out from other Genres. Newer genres of Gospel can vary from all male groups to all female groups or a mixture of both. The variety of male/female singers and there ability to reach different octaves is a great feature in Gospel groups. When Southern Gospel first came about most the artist that left an impact were male singers or groups of four such as Bill Gaither and Legacy 5. Southern Gospel had an effect on the genres that came about years later because evangelical whites started moving northward and westward, helping to spread the genre around the country. Another huge effect on the genre was the advancements in television. Televised performances helped artist build an authentic fan base and reach the fans in a new way that, at the time, had not been done before. Video also changed the genre “Southern Music” from being recognized as a regional music to a cultural genre.